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Squat-O-Meter is an AI-driven mobile app that estimates a kind of Slavic squat and shows you what a gangsta you could be in the ex-USSR. The app is based on the latest technology: pose estimation. All you need to do is open your front camera, make a squat, and there you are, Squat-O-Meterish! Pose estimation technology tracks your body movement and follows you wherever you go.

Loved By Users!
Been playing with Squat-O-Meter for 2 weeks. It’s tons of fun!
Emily Brown
On product Hunt
Totally bought this and sent it to all my friends. Saw me in the streets of the ex- USSR, now my life is complete.
Garry Branson
On product Hunt
I have used it for a long time, and it never fails to make me laugh. Awesome!
Jane Pitt
On product Hunt
That’s so cool. You can make squats everywhere and share pics with friends. Respect to the product team.
Prasanna Mestha
On product Hunt
This is dope! I can spend my quarantine days doing something fun.
Evan Fishman
On product Hunt
Second lockdown doesn’t sound so bad, when you’ve got Squat-O-Meter!
Paul Fisher
On product Hunt
Been Slavic squatting for almost a month. I just can’t help it!
David Blake
On product Hunt
Squat-O-Meter is one of the most impressive apps I’ve seen. Slavic squats are fun!
Maja Nowak
On product Hunt
This is super fun! Just what I was looking for!
Katarzyna Henkowski
On product Hunt
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